Cosmo Clarifying Shampoo 32 oz

The best clarifying shampoo on the market is now available for professional salon use! This cocktail removes excessive sebum and product build up from the hair and scalp while leaving the hair soft and manageable.

Say Bye-Bye to Itchy, Flaky, Scalp!

Scalptini's Scalp Refreshing Cleanser is the best ACV cocktail on the market. This cleanser works to remove product buildup and dandruff from the scalp & hair.

Purchase this cocktail to refresh your scalp while wearing protective styles, loc maintenance and between salon visits.

And Hello to New Growth!

Scalptini's Anti-Dandruff & Follicle Stimulator is the cocktail that our customers cannot get enough of. The simulator works to strengthen & repair the scalp for new growth .

Apply to focus area 2x daily for best results.

 (2 oz bottle)