Cocktail Hour!

Beautiful hair begins with a healthy scalp!

Scalp Refreshing Cleanser

Scalptini's Scalp Refreshing Cleanser is an au naturale product created for all hair types. The cleanser works to remove dandruff and build up from the scalp and hair. It can be used to refresh the scalp while wearing protective styles, loc maintenance and between salon visits.

What They're Sayin'

My head felt so clean I forgot to put my wig on.

I have used Scalptini for 3 weeks!! Wow what a difference. Little to no itching and absolutely no dry scalp and flakes!! I highly recommend this product to anyone with dandruff issues, dry, and flaky scalp.. This product has definitely been the cocktail my scalp needed!!

My hair has taken on this extra curly pattern! I ain't complaining! When I started using Scalptini U saw the change.

Let me tell you!!! Your lione is the bomb! I already tell a difference on my babies hair. I need to buy a couple of bottles of oil, i se it on my baby boy and it has made a drastic difference in his scalp and skin.

This brush has been instrumental in ensure that my clients with sensitive scalp are comfortable throughout the detangling process.

Hey Boo! Gotta share this testimony: I have had my hair braided for 7 days and I have been using Scalptini once everyday. I usually by now U have to clean my scalp because it's flaky and I have build up. but not today! I haven't even had to use the scalp refresher yet!!

Anti-Dandruff & Follicle Stimulator

Scalptini's Anti-Dandruff & Follicle Stimulator drops are an au naturale product created for all hair types. The simulator works to moisturize and repair the scalp for new growth. Grow your hair back quickly! Apply to focus area nightly before bed consistently, morning and nightly to see changes within weeks! (2 oz bottle)