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Can I use Scalptini on my child?
Though au naturale Scalptini products are not recommended for use on children under the age of four (4) years of age.
How do I know if I'm allergic to Scalptini?
To prevent allergic reactions, we recommend that you read the ingredients used it the product before making a purchase. After purchasing, we recommend testing the product on a small area of the body such as the back of your hand. Monitor the area for the next 24-48 hours, watch for peeling, swelling, reddening, warmness, itching, or any boils or pus. If this happens, you may be allergic to one or more of the ingredients used. We advise our clients to discontinue use of the product in the event that there is a reaction. If this is your first time having a reaction to any of the ingredients listed, we still recommend discontinuing use because the sensitivity can be due to the pureness of the ingredients used.
I have braids/locs, can I still use Scalptini?
Yes! We recommend that you use both the Scalp Refreshing Cleanser and the Anti-Dandruff & Follicle Simulator while rocking your protective style. We recommend using the product when wearing: braids, locs, twists, plaits, cornrows, sew-ins, wigs, etc.

Keep in mind, any protective style that cause tension to your hair should be avoided.
Can I use Scalptini all over my head?
Absolutely! Our products have also been proven to work on eyebrows, beard, and mustaches!
Will Scalptini work for Alopecia?
We recommend contacting a physician prior to treatment with Scalptini.

Scalptini cannot promise results from the use of our products, but we have experienced positive results from our customers with alopecia areata. Keep in mind that due to the nature of this condition, the hair in the treated area may grow back, but it can appear later in another area.

Other forms of alopecia such as: scarring alopecia has been tested, but cannot guarantee results. Scarring alopecia and Alopecia universalis are conditions that cannot be treated with the used of Scalptini products.