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Tamika Turner is a ground-breaking entrepreneur, master barber, stylist, mentor, public speaker, wife, and mom. She has been a leader in the beauty and barbering industry for the past 17 years which lead her to embark on a historic journey of opening Tennessee's first freestanding Natural Hair School, The institute of Beauty.

Since opening the Institute of Beauty in June 2016 she has been compelled to fill a void of proper natural hair care for which lead to the birth of Edge Education, a 501(c)(3) organization designed to educate  girls and women on proper techniques to end the cycle of traction alopecia, chemical damage, and poor hair hygiene. Edge Education is a critical key to transforming an uneducated generation of girls into confident and knowledgeable young ladies.

From Edge Education, she birthed the idea for her product, Scalptini. Throughout all of her teachings, Tamika has consistently stated that "Healthy Hair begins with a Healthy Scalp," which led her to the creation of two products: a Scalp Refreshing Cleanser and a Anti-Dandruff & Hair Follicle Stimulator. 


The Scalp Refreshing Cleanser works to remove dandruff and build up from the scalp and hair. This cleanser is designed to remove dandruff, product build-up and debris while balancing the pH of the scalp to eliminate itchy, flaky, and dry scalp. The Anti-Dandruff & Hair Follicle Stimulator was developed to enhance the growth in problem areas of the hair that are experiencing difficulties in growth, such as: bald spots, thinning edges, and its promotes overall hair growth. Both products are safe for use for women, men, and children. For more information of how to use our products, visit.