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Scalptini Anti-Dandruff & Hair Follicle Stimulator​

This product was developed to enhance the growth in problem areas of the hair that are experiencing difficulties in growth, such as: bald spots, thinning edges, and it promotes overall hair growth. It is safe for use for women, men, and children; it has even been proven to be effective on eyebrows, mustaches, and beards. Apply to focus area nightly before bed consistently, morning and nightly to see changes within weeks! Please use as directed.

To Apply:

  1. Cleanse scalp/area with the Scalptini Scalp Refreshing Cleanser

  2. Squeeze dropper to fill with oil.

  3. Dispense 2-3 drops on problem area.

  4. Gently massage product into treated area.​​

  • We recommend protecting the hair at night with a satin/silk scarf or bonnet to prevent further breakage from the friction of cotton pillow cases and sheets.

Keep in mind: Areas should be free of any substances; though areas do not have to be freshly shampooed or cleansed, it is recommended that product is applied to a cleansed area prior to application. Remember to practice healthy hair habits by ensuring that the areas are free of any substances to prevent clogged pores.

Scalptini Scalp Refreshing Cleanser

Our Scalp Refreshing Cleanser works to remove dandruff and build up from the scalp and hair. It can be used to refresh the scalp while wearing protective styles, loc maintenance and between salon visits. 

To Apply: Shake the bottle before usage.

  1. Spray as directed to the scalp one- two (1-2) times per day, for 7-14 days to remove dandruff and/or buildup as needed between wash days.

  2. After application gently wipe scalp with a towel or cotton ball to clear buildup and debris.

  3. If using on facial hair, apply to your hands and rub product onto your facial hair, remove with a towel.

  4. For best results, use three (3) to four (4) times a week.

  5. Follow-up with Scalptini Anti-Dandruff & Hair Follicle Stimulator​


Monitor your progress! Take photos of your progress to document your journey and email them to us at: info@scalptini.com.